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Present Truth Source Book

Many of the studies found on this site have been taken from The Present Truth Source Book – a compilation of hundreds of Bible studies put together by Peter Jackson over several years. Below is the original introduction to the Source Book.

Sermons, Notes & Studies for Proclamation to All the World

Mark 16:15;

Compiled by Peter J. Jackson


Facts, Stranger than Fiction

A fact finding mission is always productive, even if a goal is not necessarily reached.  Evidences and knowledge gained are solid stepping stones in the advancement towards the goal, and will provide a broader foundation for future expeditions.

“A little knowledge is dangerous” is a convenient quip of criticism due only to unwise use of partial knowledge.  A correct use of knowledge is wisdom.  Knowledge rightly used is constructive, ever building for future generations.  The greatest research, applied, advances technology toward greater comfort, speed, convenience, and communication.  We regard these advances as marvellous achievements, yet still there is a breakdown, a flaw in true development.  Human minds and hearts are still being hurt and causing hurt, which brings with it discontent, unhappiness, distrust and fear.

For all our advances in technical knowledge we fearfully lack wisdom in human nature.  The very basics of courtesies and thoughtfulness, the lovely qualities of honour and trust are sadly neglected.  Sickness, death, fear, the clamour for gain or survival is ever pressing, squeezing out those qualities of regard for others.  Minds and hearts are not prepared to face the realities of life, for if they were, there would be calm in time of turmoil, peace in time of fear, joy in time of calamity, security in time of loss.  The great examples of life are of those men and women who dwell in the school of God.  With no temporal advantage they conquer all adversity with a deportment and joy which kings and tribunals envy.

Development of character is an asset more valuable than riches, position or honour.  No matter what our occupation or lot in this life, the qualities of a good character meet every demand in life.  Fear, hurt, loss, ridicule mar and scar the experiences of rich or poor, healthy or sick, those in abundance or those in want alike.

Life’s true knowledge is valuable, but its application is priceless.  The source of this knowledge is found in the Bible, “God’s word to man”.  Wisdom is in accepting by faith these guidelines for character building, then putting them into practice.  They are a principle for daily living and social relationships.  This is trusting in the merits of God’s Son as revealed in His earthly mission.  In very truth, this is living in “Christ, our Righteousness”.

This collection of sermons, Bible studies, articles and notes applies to current and future events related to God’s Remnant People, the living stones in His Remnant Church.

Old published books that have been sourced for material include “Bible Readings for the Home Circle”, “The Bible Speaks”, and “Haskell’s Handbook”. These are invaluable books as a guide to Bible study, especially in regard to salvation, the Christian life, basic Bible doctrine, and our duty to God and man.  This work is complimentary to these earlier Advent study guides.  It does not in any way detract from our foundational teachings, but rather amplifies them.  It recognizes the need to uphold all the foundational waymarks.  We must not forget the way the Lord has led us or His teachings in our past history.

May the light of these studies exemplify Christ’s character in the life, advance God’s cause, fuse our bond of unity, and hasten our Lord’s soon return.

Even so, Lord Jesus, come.

Peter J Jackson


Every sincere soul who is looking for the soon coming of the Redeemer should have a clear conception of what constitutes present truth for the true remnant people of God.  The term ‘present truth’ had a very real significance to the noble pioneers of the Seventh-day Adventist church.  They knew what it was to fast and pray that they might be one in faith and doctrine, sometimes spending entire nights in solemn investigation of the Scriptures. 

1..The first great doctrine revealed after the disappointment was “The Sanctuary” teaching, especially belief in a heavenly sanctuary and the “investigative judgment”.

2..With the light upon the sanctuary came the re-discovery that “The Seventh Day was the True Sabbath” of the Lord and that Sunday was a spurious counterfeit of God’s day of rest.

3..The “Third Angel’s Message” of Rev 14:9-12 was understood as a solemn warning against those who would receive the Mark of the Beast and identified those who kept all the commandments as composing God’s true church.

4..”The Sealing Message” of Rev 7 was synonymous with the work of the third angel, the Sanctuary and the investigative judgment, resulting in the sealing of 144,000.

5..”The State of the Dead” – Under the searching light of revealed truth, disclosed spiritualism in all its deception.  The false doctrine of the immortality of the soul is also exposed as the great lie of Satan, “Thou shalt not surely die.”

6..”The gift of Prophecy” was specially manifested in fulfilment of the prophecy of Rev 10:10-11, through the instrumentality of Ellen G White who was one of the pioneers under the Third Angel’s Message.

These doctrines with other kindred truths, constituted present truth for the stalwart pioneers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and made them a distinct people from every other denomination.

The light of present truth of our pioneers now has the accumulated light and responsibility composing present truth for today.

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